Elastic Lace System

By Phoenix Fit UK


“Never stop to tie again”

Why settle for second place by stopping to tie your laces? The brand new ELS (Elastic Lace System) will keep you up and running.

By combining high grade elasticated rubber and a smart design, Phoenix Fit UK have developed the latest in lacing, which looks great and performs powerfully.

Available in eight eye-catching designs, the ELS system has been rigorously tested to ensure optimum performance. With exceptional lock strength, wearers can depend on an incredibly comfortable, perfect fit however far they run. Made from high grade plastic with top quality stainless steel springs, our locks have been designed to grip elastic lacing securely, with no slips or stretching.

The full range of colours:


Installing your Elastic Lace System couldn’t be simpler. You’ll find full instructions for the straightforward three step installation on every pack. Need a little more help? No problem, check the installation video.

Who uses ELS?

Sports enthusiasts, runners, children, older people, gym goers – the ELS is great for people from all walks (and runs!) of life. Awesome for active lifestyles, the ELS ensures everyone from occasional joggers, to committed marathon and triathlon athletes, enjoy the perfect, “no faff” fit from their footwear.

But the ELS isn’t just great for sporty sorts. It’s also brilliant for anyone who finds conventional laces a challenge. Do your little ones take an age to tie their shoelaces before school? ELS will have them out of the door in seconds. Do you know an older person who struggles with shoelaces? ELS is a smart solution.


Quality assured

Made from top quality, responsibly sourced materials, rigorously tested as part of a stringent quality assurance process, our laces are built to go the distance.

If for any reason you’re not happy with our product, we operate a no-quibble exchange policy.

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